Purchase Outlets

This page identifies outlets where you can obtain a copy of this book.

News Flash - Kindle special price

The Kindle version is currently on a half-price special (US$4.99).  See below for the link to view / download it from Amazon.


Printed Books

New Zealand

Within NZ only, printed books can be purchased from this website, the author's page on TradeMe, the author in person, Castle Publishing, and most Christian booksellers.

All Other Countries

For all countries other than New Zealand, we use print-on-demand services to minimize delivery time and costs.  Printing and freight charges vary considerably across agents. Be careful to check for additional freight & handling charges.

  • For Australia, India, and most other countries, the best agent offering print-on-demand services is usually the Book Depository. (Freight is usually included in their price.)

  • In many countries, Amazon can be a viable option. But check for any extra freight and handling fees:
    • Links for respective English speaking countries are:  USA,   UK,   Canada
    • If you have an Amazon account for another Amazon portal with printing services, search on the code: 0473465272)


The Kindle e-book can be purchased on-line from Amazon sites for various countries. You should use the country that is appropriate to you. For instance, if you live in Australia or NZ but purchase an e-book from the USA, Amazon will add taxes and other charges on top of the list price. If you already hold an Amazon account in your own country (or the closest one to you), you should always use this - otherwise Amazon will transfer your account to the new jurisdiction.

  • Links for respective English speaking countries are:  USA,   UK,   Canada,   Australia & NZ,   India
  • If you have an Amazon account for another Amazon portal, search on the code: B07P27L7Q2

For people who are new to Kindle, you do not need to purchase special Kindle hardware to read Kindle e-books.  Amazon now have a free Kindle reader program / app for any modern device (Windows computers / notebooks, Macs, tablets, and phones), and also a 'cloud reader'.  Normally the correct reader will install automatically when you purchase your first Kindle e-book (or download one that is free).  If not, then go to www.amazon.com/kindle-dbs/fd/kcp and click on the appropriate button for your type of device, or use the email method (assuming you can access your email on the device you wish to use for reading Kindle e-books).


The ePUB version of the e-book was released to ePUB sellers world-wide on 7 June 2019.

(You will need to open an account with the reseller. But this is free with Kobo and most resellers. Once you have done this, you can install their free reader on your computer and / or the appropriate free app on your phone. This is fairly easy to do, just by following the instructions on screen. Most resellers also work with Adobe Digital Editions.)